We welcome you to the world of self expression; where dreams are tailored upon your individuality with little to no boundaries.

Our Ghaziani Atelier service celebrates our devotion to incomparable luxury as we offer the creation of fully handmade garments in Italy as well as in house.

The Ghaziani Atelier service draws a timeless vision that transcends through, the workmanship of experienced individuals; developing each garment through complex features such as hand-stitching, and precise patternmaking, ensuring that the garment is empowering to the wearer.

The house offers the creation of full- canvas suits, ties, Leather jackets, casual jackets, bomber jackets, trousers, parkas, 8- step handwork dress shirts, polo-shirts and accesories such as garment bags, duffle bags, belts and shoes.

With the execution of passionate artisans in Italy and in house, each garment is brought to life through traditional methods of craftsmanship.

The topic of comfort with versatility align with the house’s core values, offering premium blends of fine cashmeres, wool, silk, leather and suede, developed upon each individual’s unique taste. Through the utilization of well-recognized merchants such as Loro Piana, Scabal, dormeul, piacenza, colombo and several other prestigious names; the house offers the finest fabrications known to mankind.

Ghaziani Atelier allows access for clients to personally meet the creative director as well as having exclusive pieces crafted by the hand of Mr Ghaziani, an experience to certainly be remembered.

Through a vast selection of elite hardware at your disposal, the house is more than capable of creating a full signature wardrobe tailored to ones liking; through the development of custom labels, buttons, snaps, engraved based upon ones’s unique personalization desire.

In orde to assemble your masterpiece our skillful tailor will acquire your body’s measurements, allowing no room for errors when crafting your work of art. The house will create a custom pattern / blueprint for one’s body symmetry for fabric cutting; offering two private fittings before the garment is finalized. Ghaziani Atelier also provides the opportunity for clients to personally meet the creative director as well as having personalized pieces made exclusively by the hand of Mr. Ghaziani; an experience to certainly be remembered.

The house is also able to offer premium workwear that is elegant yet comfortable.


The process of Ghaziani Atelier is primarily conducted through a private showroom booking near you, needless to say, through online comminucation platforms or having a Ghaziani Atelier representative fly out to the region the client resides in is more than possible.

Discover unparalled crafsmanship.